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The Museum of Pacific and Oceanic Arts


(for Funding and Sponsorship opportunities kindly contact Mr Daunivalu directly)

The Museum of Pacific and Oceanic Arts is a museum art gallery of Pacific works in Riga, owned and operated by Suluo Daunivalu of the Tapa Foundation. It has a joint vision of uniting all aspects of the art scene on a global level.  Music, dance, visual arts, mixed multi-media, electronic, photographic, motion picture and etc.  To this extent we are using the services and established profiles of various individuals that we deem to have made significant contributions to the arts in terms of performance, education, mentoring …….. and whom we feel have substantial influence within the various fields and modalities that we are seeking to combine.

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Michelle Rounds

One such individual is Australian-born  Pacific Islander, Michelle Rounds, who has established herself as an international singer/songwriter, performer, recording artist, supporter of indigenous languages and an educator. She currently lives in Cairo with her Egyptian husband, Ali Garas, and they both travel extensively for concerts, mentoring, workshops, festivals etc

We are glad to have her on our team as she has a strong connection with the Australasian and Oceanic/Pacific regions (born and raised in her early years in Australia, schooled in Fiji) and has lived and worked in Japan for over 5 years where she has also forged lasting bonds with local musicians and organisations. 

She assisted organising and hosting of the Cairo Jazz Festival (Egypt 2014-2018) and currently consults for the Amman Jazz Festival (Jordan 2018-present), has taught English to refugees in Cairo as a volunteer for over a year and has a very clear vision regarding the oneness of humanity.

Meet The Team

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