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The VOU collaboration in Egypt

Finding Inspiration in Every Direction

VOU Fiji 

VOU is on a mission to share the Energy! Spirit! And Mana! Of Fijian dance with the world! Since Sachiko and Eddie Soro established it in 2007 VOU has been the most internationally toured modern dance company from the Pacific having presented high quality traditional and contemporary Fijian dance to over 35 countries thus far.

VOU believes in providing young Pacific Islanders with alternative creative and sustainable career paths and currently employs over 70 Fijians in their visionary arts company, thereby supporting the continuation and celebration of Fijian cultural expression.

Having danced on 5 of the world's 7 continents (now 6!) they were keen to add Africa to their portfolio and with the support of sponsors The Museum of Pacific and Oceanic Art and Exciting Finance, were able to present a free workshop for Egyptian dancers at the Austrian Cultural Forum (Cairo) and also create and perform a collaborative dance piece with NUT Dance Company in Egypt at Esorus, Maadi. This project, from 27 June to 3 July 2023, is deemed an inaugural event of a cultural exchange program developed specifically for the Pacific and MENA regions and includes reciprocal movement of artists between the areas annually with numerous and varied art projects throughout each year.

Michelle Rounds performed with VOU and NUT Dance Company on 30 June 2023 at a private viewing attended by representatives of the Australian Embassy, Japan Foundation, Goethe Institute, Embassy of Denmark and more.  VOU had completed shows at Glastonbury Festival and were able to send dancers and both Founder/Directors to Cairo, however because of the Eid Al Adhar holidays it was not possible to provide the free concert to the public, as considered one of the organisers top priorities. This will come and the first steps have been successfully and happily taken! Enjoy our highlights video and click here for more information or bookings : Suluo Daunivalu


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